Tea Sparrow December Review

30 Dec

Teas are such a wonderful treat at the end of a long day or a nice break from the regular coffee drinks you get all the time. Hubby is actually a larger fan of teas than coffee. They offer so much flavor with every cup.  I had the opportunity to try out Tea Sparrow the other day and I have to say they really nailed my taste in teas. We received four varieties of teas from four different companies.



The first bag was from rishi tea and was Earl Grey Supreme.  It had all the makings of a traditional Earl Grey with a pleasant hint of citrus fruit in the background.  This is a special reserve for Earl Grey lovers from this company.  The company infuses a smooth liquoring Keemun and a bold flavored Yunnan with % natural essential oil pressed from real bergamot citrus fruits.  We were very pleased with the taste.  Hubby and I are not huge Earl Grey fans, but the taste of this particular blend was very nice.


The second bag was my favorite and was from Teaja Organic and was Organic Naked Chai.  It is a caffeine free Chai and contains Cardamon and clove, augmented by ginger and cinnamon.  It is a very nice seasonal blend and the cinnamon gave it a nice flavor.  It was lighter in color than most Chai teas we have tried since we normally drink black Chai teas.  We really enjoyed the light taste.


The third bag was from Mighty Leaf tea and was White Orchard Tea.  This tea has melon and peach fruits in a pure China white tea.  The most prominent flavor for us was the peach.  It was a very refreshing tea and I am a huge fruit fan so this tea was great.


The fourth and last bag was from Aromatica and was Vanilla Honeybush.  This is a caffeine free tea that had a vanilla caramel flavor. It can be served hot or iced.  The Honeybush gives it a very sweet flavor and can be a little overwhelming at times.  True to it’s form though it had a nice warming vanilla and honey flavor.


We enjoy trying all different types of teas and I think subscriptions such as Tea Sparrow are a great way to try things you otherwise wouldn’t have purchased.  Tea Sparrow will send you a box each month with four loose leaf teas that will be a mix of both herbal and caffeinated blends.  You will get 35-40 cups of tea with each monthly subscription.  If you are interested you can get this subscription for $20 a month which includes tax and shipping.  Here are more options if that is what you are looking for:  One time tea box for $25, 3 month subscription for  $66, and a six month subscription for $120.  Since all of these teas are loose leaf an infuser or strainer is required to enjoy.  Tea Sparrow has an awesome January box coming up that they are calling their “New Year’s Resolution Box” and will contain teas that come with healing properties for things such as:  weight loss, liver cleansing, antioxidant immunity boosting, and flu-fighting.  So make sure you join soon to receive this great box!  Overall I found this a great subscription and you get more for your money than other tea subscription services.  We were very happy!

If you would like a discount on an ongoing subscription you can get 60% off your first tea box by using the link and promo code below:

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Disclaimer: I received this box as a complimentary box for review. All opinions expressed in this review are my own and no monetary compensation was received.



Birds & Bees Teas Review

9 Dec

Our family is a huge lover of all different types of teas.  We have purchased teas from all over and love to try new things.  I had the opportunity to review a tea from Birds & Bees Teas.  They are a company focused on offering organic and 100% natural herbal infusions to mamas and their families.  The health and well being of families is their goal.  They offer teas by the tin or in bulk.  They also have accessories available.  The great thing about their teas is that they are made with a woman in mind.  They are perfect for pregnancy and they even have teas especially designed for pregnant moms.  I am currently pregnant with my second child and have been in search of something that would be safe to drink for my unborn child other than water.  I mean everyone gets bored with water after a while.  I received the Peaceful Pregnancy tin and I have to say the packaging itself was beautiful!



The tin also came with a bag to infuse your tea with if you don’t happen to have an infuser on hand.

IMGP6022 The Peaceful Pregnancy Tea contains:  Raspberry Leaf, Nettle Leaf, Alfalfa Leaf, Rosehips, Rose Petals, Hawthorne Berry, Orange Peel.  It had a nice flavor that wasn’t strong at all.  I always add a little sugar to my tea and it reminded me of hot sweet tea that you would find in the South.  Being a southerner I really like that :).

The Peaceful Pregnancy Tea is designed to provide nutrients and trace minerals necessary for preconception, pregnancy, and after.  I highly recommend this to any woman that is pregnant and wants a little something different to drink during the day.  I look forward to trying out the other teas that have to offer in the future.  Interested in what all they may have for you or your family?  Check out their site here.  I can promise you won’t be disappointed!


Disclaimer: I received this box as a complimentary box for review from Birds & Bees Teas. All opinions expressed in this review are my own and no monetary compensation was received.



Dr. D’s Pet Packages Review

4 Nov

I know everyone likes to pamper their pets.  Our household is no exception.  We have a cat named Mason that is our baby.  We always like to spoil him so I was in a search for a pet box that would supply us with treats and some toys.  I ran across Dr. D’s Pet Package and it looked to be just what I was searching for in a pet box.  I liked how this company gave you several options to choose from when picking a box perfect for that special member of the family.  I got the Happiness Pet Package for Cats and Mason really enjoyed all the items.






This company paid lots of attention to detail.  The sticker on the inside of the package had Mason’s name on it!  They also included a card that gave a description of each item included and had some helpful tips on the back about how to keep your pets safe for Halloween.  There was also a card introducing their new pet blankets, which I think is a cute idea!  Mason tends to lay on all our blankets all over the house and having his own will make him happy.

The first item was the beautiful blanket handmade by a family member of Dr. D’s Pet Packages (Retails for $29).  There are two different sizes to choose from:  34″ x 45″ for $38.99 or the 26″ x 30″ for $28.99.  You can get them embroidered as well!  The first five letters are free and then it is $5 for 10 letters.  Check out all the fabric options here.  If you sign up for 6 months of their Happiness package or 3 months of their Health Package you can get one of these blankets for free!




The second item was a Pumpkin Catnip Toy from Enchantacat TikiToys (Retails for $4).  The pumpkin is filled with 100% natural organically grown catnip.


The third item was the Funkitty Twist ‘N Treat Teaser (Retails for $8).  I have never seen a treat dispenser for cats so I am excited to try this one out.  Mason loves feathers as well so I know he will spend hours playing with this!  It even comes with an extra feather for when he decides to tear the other one up.


The fourth item was a bag of Zuke’s Natural Purrz in Salmon flavor (Retails for $4).  These treats are a low calorie treat that is packed with USDA salmon.  They also have natural cranberries to help support the cat’s urinary tract health.  This is a big deal with Mason since he is a larger cat we have to keep an eye on his urinary health.  These will go great in the treat dispenser!


The fifth and final item was a Cat Catcher toy from Go Cat (Retails for $8). What cat doesn’t love to chase toys around and what owner doesn’t love to torment the cat ;).


Dr. D’s Pet Packages can be for a dog or a cat.  You have the choice of the following:  Dr. D’s Fun Pet Package-$19, Dr. D’s Happiness Pet Package-$29, Dr. D’s Health Package for Cats-$49, and Dr. D’s Health Package for Dogs-$49.  In each package you have the option of purchasing a one time box, a 3 month subscription, or a 6 month subscription.  They also offer gift cards!

We enjoyed all the items in the box.  It was a little under the $29 price, but the items were high quality, healthy, and fun!  We especially loved the blanket!  Don’t forget that the Dr. D is a veterinarian so that should make you feel great about the choices that are picked for that special family member.  So what do you think?  Love to hear feedback!


Disclaimer: I received this box as a complimentary box for review. All opinions expressed in this review are my own and no monetary compensation was received.