BLACKSOCKS Subscription

Hubby is always losing socks or tearing them up.  I got the chance to review Blacksocks the other day and think it may be a solution to the sock problem.  Blacksocks is a men’s sock subscription.  The socks are very well made and are not thin at all.   There are quite a few ways […]

Binkabox September Review

We love our kid boxes and Binkabox gave us a good one this month.  It had several dinosaur items in it and that is one of Sy’s favorites right now.  We purchased the Regular Binkabox and received five items for $28.     The first item that caught my attention was the Dino mask.  There […]

The Happy Trunk Review – September

I have been on the hunt lately for something to occupy Sy’s time on the weekends and on rainy days.  We have such an issue keeping him out of things he shouldn’t be messing with and keeping him entertained.  I mean how many time can we watch the Lorax before I pull my hair out! […]

Weekly FUN!

CUTE PIC OF THE WEEK! I love sharing cute and funny pics of my family and friends so I have decided that who else better to share with then my blog followers!  Every week from here on out I am going to post a pic of my family or friends and a funny thing that […]

Dottiebox September Review

Dottiebox arrived while I was gone so it was a nice surprise to come back to.  It even had a new look!  This subscription is always a surprise as to what is going to be in it.  The Etsy/Indie style companies picked are always unique.  This box proved to be another great collection of finds. […]

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