LuLaRoe Octopus Leggings Giveaway!!!

I have recently gotten into selling the clothing line LuLaRoe.  Haven’t heard of them?!  They are a clothing company that started two years ago.  They are taking the country by storm with their “Butter” Leggings and super cute tops!  They also offer several lines of dresses, skirts, and kids items as well.  Their mommy and me sets are ADORABLE! I am currently doing a giveaway on my Facebook shop that is a pair of the highly sought after Octopus leggings and a personalized bin!  If we reach 1500 members by the close of the giveaway I will offer free leggings for a year to another lucky customer!  Make sure to join the group and invite some friends.  I will be doing sales on my site as well as sales on periscope.  There will monthly giveaways too!  

Check out the site and enter the giveaway below!

LuLaRoe Brooke Mot’s VIP Shop


My online launch will be the February 20th.  Don’t miss out!