Project DIY Review

I LOVE doing craft boxes and I found one that actually gave me multiple projects. Project DIY is a monthly subscription where you can get the latest fashions delivered to your door monthly.  The box included three projects and they were a lot of fun to complete.  I loved how the box had a theme and each project correlated with that to form a collection.  The theme of the box I received was “Autumn in New York.”




My box also came with the starter kit that included tools needed to make the projects and a few extras for DIY projects if the mood strikes me ;).  The kit included:  Needle Nose Pliers, Wire Cutters, Chain Nose Pliers, Jump Ring Opener, Assorted Clasps, Earring Hooks, Jump Rings, and Chain Extenders.  All three boxes for the projects contained everything you needed for that project.  It also had a ruler drawn on the inside and listed all the supplies you would need, difficulty, time required, and skills you would learn by completing the project.  I really like how the company included a website on every project that went to a site with step by step instructions.  They were extremely helpful and had lots of pictures that correspond to the directions.


The Horseshoe Wrap Bracelet was the first project I tackled.  The level of difficulty was rated “moderate.”  It was probably the most difficult to me out of the box and I loved it!  I wore it the very next day.  This project had you wrapping wire around a leather band every 1.5 inches.  I think it turned out quite nice for my first project.






The Equestrian Charm Necklace was the easiest project and I completed it in about 15 mins.  The level of difficulty was rated “very easy.”  It consisted of attaching rings to the charms and to the necklace itself.  I think the hardest part was trying to cut the leather strip into four sections, lol.  I have to measure everything out, I don’t do well free handing stuff.






The last project was the Suede Tassel Keychain.  This one has a “moderate” difficulty level.  I started this one but haven’t completed it yet because I wanted to save it for a rainy day :).  I will post updated pics as soon as I get it completed.  It looks like it will be a nice addition to my purse when I get it finished!




The subscription is $30 a month with free shipping.  If you need the starter kit then you can opt to include it in your first box for an extra $20 (one time payment).  You don’t only get 2-3 DIY projects each month, but pieces that make a collection. You essentially pay $10 for each piece and I know they would cost more in the store.  It is a good value for the amount of projects included.  This collection is perfect for fall and I have enjoyed wearing the pieces that I have completed.  If you are interested in getting your own Project DIY kit then check out their site here.  Pretty cool right?!  I can’t wait to try out another project from them in the future!


Disclaimer: I received this box as a complimentary box for review. All opinions expressed in this review are my own and no monetary compensation was received.