RawSpiceBar – December 2015 Nordic Meal

I love great tasting food, I mean who doesn’t?!  In our household  my hubby does the cooking, because he enjoys cooking and creating interesting dishes for us.  For this review however, I stepped out of my comfort zone and decided to do the cooking for myself. I was apprehensive as spices tend to scare me if you put too much in a dish can be ruined! With RawSpiceBar, they have done all the measuring of the spices for you.  You get a nice little package in the mail with three packs of amazing spices.  There are still some ingredients you will need, but the more exotic spices that make the recipe are already provided for you.



Inside the package contained a description of what you are about to create and the recipe for the item that will be made.  Each month has a regional theme and all the parts of the meal tie into that theme.  Check out December’s Nordic Meal.

December 2015 had a package that consisted of Gravlax Spices,  Winter Herb Blend, and Gingerbread Spices.  The meal this month was made to represent a traditional Nordic meal.

The first part needed to be prepared a couple days in advance so it could cure.  It was Nordic Caraway Gravlax and consisted of skin-on salmon fillets.  The directions were great and easy to follow.  I prepared the brine and let it soak.  While it was doing that I prepared the remaining ingredients.  The directions call for you to toast the Gravlax Spices over high heat.  The wonderful smell that came from these filled the kitchen.  You could tell they were fresh and of great quality.



Nordic Caraway Gravlax


Heating the spices, man they smell good!


Ready for the curing process

We used pita bread to serve the salmon on and drizzled the sauce on top as instructed.  It was very good.  You definitely got that burst of flavor in your mouth from the spices.  If I had to do it again though I wouldn’t cure it as long as I did.  Overall a good dish!

The side item and second part of the meal was Potato Herb Gratin.  We are big potato lovers in this house so I was super excited to see this on the menu.  Hubby got excited as well and insisted we buy a mandolin so in the future it looks like Potato Gratin might be served more often!  Between the Winter Herb Blend, Rosemary, and Garlic in this dish I felt like I was in some gourmet kitchen the way it smelled.  The Potato Herb Gratin was a super easy dish to prepare and the outcome was amazing!  The taste of all the fresh herbs and spices really made the dish.  The only thing I might back down on in the future with this dish is the amount of rosemary.  Rosemary is already a strong herb and if you aren’t use to it in meals it can be a little overwhelming.




Potato Herb Gratin

Heating the spices and herbs

Heating the spices and herbs

Finished product!

Finished product!

The last item on the menu was a dessert course!  It was Nordic Ginger Cookies (Pepparkakor).  I have made cookies from scratch before, but not like this.  To start with mine never smelled this good!  It was a little time consuming as with any baking, so just make sure to make appropriate time preparations for making these.  I decided to use some fun shapes which consisted of some fun chemistry cut outs, since that is my background.  I found though that the smaller the cookie cutter pattern, the easier it was to make these cookies so I ended up using a small gingerbread man pattern because the larger patterns didn’t create an attractive cookie.



Nordic Ginger Cookies

Nordic Ginger Cookies



My Helper

In the words of my son, whose namesake is on my website, Sy “These cookies are amazing!”  He had fun helping cut some out and of course eating all that he could get his hands on, but that is the desired outcome after all.


Overall I think RawSpiceBar has some amazing flavors packed into those tiny packets.  Looking back at months past I would love to try other months from them.  It gives you something different to challenge your taste buds rather than just the normal everyday meals.  If you would like to try them for yourself you can subscribe for just $6/month.  Check them out here to get started.  If you would like to see the recipes used in December’s subscription I am including the links below so check them out!

Nordic Caraway Gravlax

Potato Herb Gratin

Nordic Ginger Cookies (Pepparkakor)


Disclaimer: I received this box as a complimentary box for review from RawSpiceBar. All opinions expressed in this review are my own and no monetary compensation was received.