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Weekly FUN!

CUTE PIC OF THE WEEK! I love sharing cute and funny pics of my family and friends so I have decided that who else better to share with then my blog followers!  Every week from here on out I am going to post a pic of my family or friends and a funny thing that […]


I have had a love of sewing since I was a child, but always did most of my stuff by hand.  Well, I recently inherited a sewing machine and thought, why not start using it!  I tried and tried to figure out the threading situation on it and finally gave up and bought a new […]

Potty Training 101: HELP!

We have officially entered into that good/bad stage known as potty training.  I have to say this is probably the thing I dreaded most about having a child.  I have always wanted to be a mom and knew I would have to cross this bridge eventually.  I guess I was hoping I would be one […]


I thought I would introduce my inspiration for my site.  My son Sylar “Sy” (yes this was the villain on Heros, but he had all the cool powers ;)).  He is my very active and hyper two year old.  Never met anyone who couldn’t sit still for two minutes until I met him. Since my world does revolve around […]

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