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Tea Sparrow December Review

Teas are such a wonderful treat at the end of a long day or a nice break from the regular coffee drinks you get all the time. Hubby is actually a larger fan of teas than coffee. They offer so much flavor with every cup.  I had the opportunity to try out Tea Sparrow the […]

Dr. D’s Pet Packages Review

I know everyone likes to pamper their pets.  Our household is no exception.  We have a cat named Mason that is our baby.  We always like to spoil him so I was in a search for a pet box that would supply us with treats and some toys.  I ran across Dr. D’s Pet Package […]

21 Bundles – Month 2 Review

Pregnancy is a time to pamper yourself!  Especially since you don’t feel like yourself for most of it.  I have had a rough time this go round with the first trimester.  I was looking for a box that could send me items I could use and pamper myself in the meantime.  I found 21 Bundles […]

Project DIY Review

I LOVE doing craft boxes and I found one that actually gave me multiple projects. Project DIY is a monthly subscription where you can get the latest fashions delivered to your door monthly.  The box included three projects and they were a lot of fun to complete.  I loved how the box had a theme […]

Binkabox September Review

We love our kid boxes and Binkabox gave us a good one this month.  It had several dinosaur items in it and that is one of Sy’s favorites right now.  We purchased the Regular Binkabox and received five items for $28.     The first item that caught my attention was the Dino mask.  There […]

The Happy Trunk Review – September

I have been on the hunt lately for something to occupy Sy’s time on the weekends and on rainy days.  We have such an issue keeping him out of things he shouldn’t be messing with and keeping him entertained.  I mean how many time can we watch the Lorax before I pull my hair out! […]

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